An Interview with Draper Investment Company Regarding C2Call GmbH

Q: How did Draper Investment Company become involved with C2Call GmbH?
A: Draper Investment Company provides venture capital funding for early-stage information technology and software companies worldwide. With C2Call GmbH, we knew its technology would change the way users made phone calls, enabling them to easily reach out to friends, family, and colleagues more easily than ever before, and we wanted to be a part of their success.

Q: What is C2Call GmbH?
A: C2Call utilizes a technology called VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol. Using VoIP, users can make phone calls through their Internet connections, resulting in crystal-clear conversations often unachievable on cell phones due to shaky service and poor service areas. The creators of C2Call trumped current VoIP standards by removing requirements such as software installation, registration, and exchanging IDs with the user one wishes to call.

Q: How can users take advantage of C2Call, and how does it work?
A: After building C2Call GmbH, its creators launched as a more compact and efficient alternative to VoIP services such as Skype and America Online’s instant messenger. Instead of installing a program, users download a tiny Java applet that runs quickly and takes up less than one megabyte of space. FriendCaller also works as an iPhone app, allowing iPhone users to make and receive calls for free in certain cases and for an affordable rate in others.

Q: Since C2Call does not require users to exchange IDs as other VoIP programs do, how does a user call someone specific?
A: FriendCaller uses CallMe links, a special tag that users can pin to their favorite social networking service accounts. By clicking a user’s CallMe link, one can get in touch with that user even if he or she does not use FriendCaller.

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