Group Calling Through FriendCaller, by Draper Investment Company

In 2010, Draper Investment Company, along with other European investors, invested $2 million in C2Call, a German firm developing technology for voice/video chats. Draper Investment Company concentrates its investment portfolio in information technology and telecommunications, which are industries that offer sizable and fast-growing markets.

FriendCaller, developed by C2Call, enables individuals to connect online without installing proprietary software. Users simply send links vie e-mail or instant messaging, or post them on websites. Unlike some other services, FriendCaller does not charge for this service.

Sometimes, a group of people may want to hold a conversation from several locations simultaneously. For example, four friends wish to make plans for later in the day. FriendCaller facilitates such communication through its Group Video Calling functionality.

The tool works worldwide on numerous platforms, including Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and WebPhone (online). Callers can establish and manage their own groups for repeated calling ability.

To launch a call, a user can visit the FriendCaller website, scroll to the bottom of the home page, and click on Groups. The next page provides a link called “Start a Group Video Call.”

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