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Draper Investment Company is an international venture capital firm that recently relocated its corporate headquarters from Zurich, Switzerland to Doha, Qatar. Over the years, the organization has invested in a number of early-stage computer software and IT technologies. In 2011, Draper Investment Company established a critical funding partnership with Phonedeck, a mobile communications firm based in Berlin, Germany.

Phonedeck was founded in 2010 by leading executives Frank Fitzek, Gerrit Schulte, Jens-Philipp Klein, and Christophe Maire. Once in place, this management team quickly attracted top telecommunications and mobile application professionals from across the continent of Europe.

Driven by the belief that the various benefits of smart devices can be optimized within a single “environment,” Phonedeck developed a contact book for mobile phones that automatically maintains contacts, keeps personal information up-to-date, and makes social communication significantly easier. The company was a 2011 finalist for the Bully Award and a 2010 finalist in the LeWeb Startup Competition.

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Draper Investment Company: A Brief Introduction to FriendCaller

A venture capital firm based in Switzerland, Draper Investment Company actively invests in early technology companies, including those in the telecommunications and computer science-based industries. Draper Investment Company specializes in early-stage financings and operations, preferably in the Seed or First Round of fund-raising. For almost two years, Draper has supported C2Call (Click-to-Call), the company which facilitates peer-to-peer communications in the cloud space via FriendCaller.

Based in Germany, C2Call is renowned for its FriendCaller technology, which allows individuals to conduct video chats without installing additional software or plug-ins such as Adobe Flash. The Java tool enables any web browser to become, in essence, a voice communications device. The system offers compatibility with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard recognized by firms such as Vonage, Cisco, Nokia, and Avaya.

To utilize the system, a caller sends another person a web link. The recipient clicks on the link, which prompts a call to the sender. FriendCaller allows users to communicate by initiating contact through links on websites, in e-mail, or through instant messaging.

The service is free, with exception of communication via landlines or mobile devices.

To learn more about FriendCaller, connect with the tool’s team on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus.

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