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Draper Investment Company: A Brief Introduction to FriendCaller

A venture capital firm based in Switzerland, Draper Investment Company actively invests in early technology companies, including those in the telecommunications and computer science-based industries. Draper Investment Company specializes in early-stage financings and operations, preferably in the Seed or First Round of fund-raising. For almost two years, Draper has supported C2Call (Click-to-Call), the company which facilitates peer-to-peer communications in the cloud space via FriendCaller.

Based in Germany, C2Call is renowned for its FriendCaller technology, which allows individuals to conduct video chats without installing additional software or plug-ins such as Adobe Flash. The Java tool enables any web browser to become, in essence, a voice communications device. The system offers compatibility with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard recognized by firms such as Vonage, Cisco, Nokia, and Avaya.

To utilize the system, a caller sends another person a web link. The recipient clicks on the link, which prompts a call to the sender. FriendCaller allows users to communicate by initiating contact through links on websites, in e-mail, or through instant messaging.

The service is free, with exception of communication via landlines or mobile devices.

To learn more about FriendCaller, connect with the tool’s team on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus.

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The Draper Investment Company Portfolio: About C2Call GmbH and VoIP Technology

Focused on the information technology sector, the venture capital firm Draper Investment Company takes pride in providing financial capital for startup companies hard at work on developing groundbreaking and disruptive technologies. Of particular interest in recent years is VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, an Internet-based method of transmitting voice and like media over online networks. Draper Investment Company proudly supports Germany-based startup C2Call GmbH, whose FriendCaller service provides an accessible way to communicate between subscribers, as well as those with landlines and mobile devices.

The Draper Investment Company portfolio has followed VoIP since near its inception, demonstrating the company’s enthusiasm for IT ventures. More simply defined, VoIP refers to communication services streamed over the Internet rather than the rapidly fading public telephone network. Draper Investment Company invested in C2Call GmbH and various other VoIP-savvy companies due to the investor’s belief that VoIP will likely one day eclipse the more traditional telephony methods.

Even users who do not recognize the term “VoIP” have likely used software that incorporates the technology. Popular instant messaging clients such as AIM and Internet-calling software Skype have become nearly ubiquitous in online communication. SMS messages, more commonly known as text messages found on mobile phones, are also distributed via VoIP. Where C2Call’s FriendCaller service distinguishes itself from those and other competitors is in its straightforwardness. Users go to FriendCaller.com, sign up for an account, and receive a unique link that others can use to call them, thereby eliminating the need for memorizing phone numbers and user names to get in touch with others.

To foster growth of C2Call’s FriendCaller service, the company raised more than $2 million in funding during the early months of 2010. Draper Investment Company participated in the funding.

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Groundbreaking Developments in Online Communication – C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller.com (2/2)

After perfecting FriendCaller’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, C2Call GmbH applied a great deal of time and resources toward constructing ensured network compatibility with a wide array of standard and mobile computing devices. Individuals who own Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can enjoy the same connective perks built into FriendCaller’s browser-based version, as well as the service’s VoIP downloadable version. All information contained within a user’s browser-based FriendCaller account links directly to FriendCaller for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, protecting from lost contacts or call credit.

C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller for Android operating systems allows users to experience the power of VoIP through Google’s Android OS. Manufactured by companies like Motorola and HTC, Google-supported Android smart phones can easily download FriendCaller in the form of a free application, facilitating cost-effective calling to contacts across the country and around the world. People who own a Nokia Series 40 device can make the most of FriendCaller as well. The Nokia Series 40 provides users with a set-up wizard for navigating the installation process, although C2Call gives users the choice of foregoing set-up wizard assistance prior to making calls with FriendCaller SIP.

C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller is also compatible with Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site. FriendCaller.com’s Facebook VoIP app takes the hassle out of inviting friends to join C2Call’s VoIP network, offering a host of benefits beyond FriendCaller’s highly affordable communication solutions. Facebook users can go to the new “Offer Wall” on FriendCaller.com’s page to earn credit toward future calls. Simply “like” FriendCaller.com today to receive special offers exclusively available to Facebook members.

For those who place the bulk of their phone calls from home or work computers, C2Call GmbH’s WebPhone version complies with all browser-powered VoIP protocol, concurrently expanding modes of installation. FriendCaller’s WebPhone can be permanently saved on almost any desktop computer free of charge. For a full explanation of the benefits extended to FriendCaller VoIP system members, visit www.friendcaller.com today.

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Groundbreaking Developments in Online Communication – C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller.com (1/2)

A person-to-person Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider based in Germany, C2Call GmbH offers users a simple, affordable and effective alternative to existing VoIP communication tools. Available either free or at a cost of as low as only two cents per minute for overseas connections, C2Call’s VoIP platform allows users to place local and international phone calls from their homes or offices, saving 80 to 90 percent in comparison to fees charged by traditional phone companies. In February of 2009, C2Call introduced FriendCaller.com into the digital communications marketplace, earning instant recognition for its innovative contribution to the ever-changing social networking industry.

Rather than registering in a closed system online community, FriendCaller.com members gain the power to reach out to any person with access to the Internet. One of many innovations specific to FriendCaller.com, all Callme links perform at optimal capacity operations without necessitating FriendCaller membership on both ends.

Hosted by Amazon.com, C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller operates based on a patent-pending, integrated module known as Callme links. Callme links establish an instantaneous connection between users and can be sent via instant message or email. In addition to these properties, a person can install Callme links on his or her social media profile or blog. Moreover, nearly every popular browser supports Callme links with no up-front set-up fees whatsoever. FriendCaller’s global Telephone Network comprises over 400 countries and territories spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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