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Draper Investment Company Imagini & plista

Led by a successful team of entrepreneurs that includes General Partner and founder William (Bill) H. Draper, III and Swiss-based Managing Director Don Plaisted, Draper Investment Company has a long history of financially backing promising startup technology companies. Over the past decade, Draper Investment Company has funded a number of acquired or merged firms located in Europe and Asia, including Skype, which was acquired by Ebay as well as Plazes acquired by Nokia. Below are just two portfolio companies that Draper Investment has recently funded:

Imagini: Headquartered in London, Imagini leads development of VisualDNA technology a method of understanding emotions through images. Imagini currently has three patents pending for technology that harnesses the power of VisualDNA as a tool for online marketing. Imagini’s VisualDNA works by translating the results of user profile quizzes directly into marketing data. Imagini’s VisualDNA technology is based upon user feedback from visual-based quizzes. At www.visualdna.com, advertisers and publishers can find information on how the technology works, case studies analyzing the effectiveness of VisualDNA, and information on some of the company’€™s most recent breakthroughs.

Plista: Founded in July 2008, Berlin-headquartered Plista builds successful online advertising campaigns for companies and their networks. Plista’€™s Publisher and Advertiser programs allow for innovative marketing methods designed to boost website traffic. Research presented on the company website has shown that plista technology creates click-through rates between 8 percent and 12 percent. Plista has been used to increase traffic to more than 100 websites. Learn more at www.plista.com.

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